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In Borderlands , Patricia Tannis, an archaeologist, constantly wears aviator goggles. Yeah. In a wasteland with, as shown in some areas, lots of blowing dust. She's encountered indoors, though, so has no need to keep them down - unlike a lot of the outdoor NPCs (who take great care to keep wrapped up, for the most part, against the elements, including goggles). In Psychonauts , Raz lowers his goggles over his eyes before entering a person's mind. for no apparent purpose. In "The Milkman Conspiracy," this becomes Lampshaded by the interrogative Men In Black: "Who are you?" "Who is the Milkman?" "What is the purpose of the goggles?" It's then subverted when the boss threatens to pluck out his eyes: Rainier Wolfcastle: My eyes! The goggles do nothing! In the comics, Faith screws up. Again. This time working as a bodyguard for Kennedy. She's protecting a wannabe rock star, who is into underage girls, when her father storms in and Faith finds this out she attacks him, the rocker turns into a demon, and Kennedy has to intervene. When Faith explains what happened she is most upset not that their client was attacked but the suggestion she condones what he d > Publicist: There are very few intelligent, attractive and straight men in this town. Tobias Fünke: Well, that leaves me out. ( silence, everyone stares ) Tobias Fünke: She did say single, right? I-I-I thought she said single.

Space photoshop action tutorial C_more_rts_preisner During a feud in ECW, Terry Funk attempted to provoke Cactus Jack into fighting him due to Foley relinquishing his hardcore ways and showing his support for rival company WCW. Funk's initial attempts to call out Foley were unsuccessful as he called Foley's wife, mother, and his children whores in succession. But he successfully managed to provoke Foley to the ring after calling WCW Pres > note This was from the October 1995 show where Cactus accidentally set Funk on fire with his fire chair. In May of 2000, a fan, William Sandborn, who had been accidentally burned in the process, sued. During the trial, Foley admitted that he had lied in his first book and that Funk did not actually call Bischoff a homo. The two d > Laurinaitis : First of all, I'm upper management. 5 MILLS THICK, AND BE UL LISTED AND MARKED PER UL STANDARD 510 AS ' FALME RETARDAND, COLD AND WEATHER RESISTANT '. match point scarlett and jonathan scene SHALL BE APPLICABLE AT REMPERATURES RANGING FROM 0 DEG. WITHOUT LOSS OF PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. THE TAPE SHALL BE CLASSIFIED FOR USE IN BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENTS. Ethiopia is a purely "defensive" civilization. Their unique ability is based on city count, in which their units will be granted a combat bonus when going up against the units from civilizations with more cities than Ethiopia. So to make use of this bonus, keep your empire small and build some military units to defend your lands. Don't forget to support your cities with defensive structures.

However, after centuries of prosperity, legends say the expansive empire's downfall came at the hands of a rebellious queen named Gudit. As the story goes, Axum had long been a stronghold of Christianity, and the Jewish queen Gudit sought the throne by way of conquest, purportedly devastating the countryside before murdering the royal family of Axum. Although the story of Gudit's life and brief reign is mysterious and controversial, it can be said with certainty that the decline of Axum did coincide with her speculated arrival in the 10th century AD. Present-day Ethiopia Edit. In the event of ties, with exact demographics numbers or same year finishes, all tied players score as if they were not tied (e.g. three way tie for second scores 1st, 2nd-2nd-2nd, 5th). Note also that this is very unlikely to occur!

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