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I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...

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Information I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...

Title :  I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...
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Frames I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...

Description I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...

Comments I switched from PC to PS4 on Fortnite for 1 DAY...

Ardas Singh
I have seen people switch from controller to pc but never pc to controller O.O
Comment from : Ardas Singh

When you shoot someone through a wall 5:28
Comment from : MintyyFn

3:24 trash builds heheheh
Comment from : 0 SX『 OPE

Ricardo Gutierrez
Comment from : Ricardo Gutierrez

it's me royalty boy
Mom.cant be gay
Comment from : it's me royalty boy

Exility Szn
So we not finna talk about how he shot through a wall 5:27
Comment from : Exility Szn

Sai Venkata
I think you try for call of duty infinite warfare to get your hand moving better on ps4
Comment from : Sai Venkata

Hayden Hensley
Has a shotty time to do L2 spam
Comment from : Hayden Hensley

100 subscribers before quarantine ends
PS4 or xbox
Comment from : 100 subscribers before quarantine ends

sanela milosevic
You mum is gay
Comment from : sanela milosevic

Phuong Pham
Also keep your vids up it’s awesome
Comment from : Phuong Pham

Phuong Pham
I’m literly so so so so so good on ps4 and I play on ps4 controller that I am better than you on ps4
Comment from : Phuong Pham

jad Craft
Gungangigang intense music BOY
Comment from : jad Craft

Imagine buying a ps4 controller then seeing His edit button B then it changes too O
Comment from : Fxtzify

Navraj Rai
3:00 look at the edits they are a mix of ps4 and xbox
Comment from : Navraj Rai

SneakyLimp _
That thumbnail hurts my fingers because I play claw
Comment from : SneakyLimp _

chica_ gamer
Comment from : chica_ gamer

chica_ gamer
Comment from : chica_ gamer

smvarchx cz
You look like u have make up, idk why but yes😂
Comment from : smvarchx cz

2k king
Xbox and ps4 is the best
Comment from : 2k king

Hein Family
I am pro at fortnite PS4
Comment from : Hein Family

Hunter is that Dude
Vlog more plz
Comment from : Hunter is that Dude

I disliked the video cause u call my mom gay
Comment from : Craigie

You play PS4 but it say your on Xbox
Comment from : NI GROUP BV

5:28 what the beeeeeeep
Comment from : JONCHAツ

gonda gaming
You r a m
Comment from : gonda gaming

Aiden Artiles
Bob! —bionic 2020–2020
Comment from : Aiden Artiles

Abdullah Khan
shut the heck up your mom is gay
Comment from : Abdullah Khan

Jayden Lourens
Our cheeting ps4 200 fps
Comment from : Jayden Lourens

Rupa Ranjani
Why do we find ps4 players on PC?
Comment from : Rupa Ranjani

Lionel gameplayz
Bionic i have a controller / playstation and i have fornite on my PS but im still learning OKAY
Comment from : Lionel gameplayz

Maximus GT
ur mom gay
Comment from : Maximus GT

U mom is gay bc u can’t subscribe to yourself😂 r u dumb
Comment from : Polite899jail

I Switches from mouse and Keyboard top Controller too
Comment from : Lurex

Mohamed Shiyam
I switched from PC to PS4
Comment from : Mohamed Shiyam

Oeray Alvaro
Boi your mum gay also:)
Subs to me or you fam are gay

Comment from : Oeray Alvaro

Exile- Jazon
2:52 Thats my Controller looks like
Comment from : Exile- Jazon

Don’t l2 spam with a pump and tacky wacky
Comment from : Ghosty

Atlantis C Clan
This moment when hes better on the first day as you
Comment from : Atlantis C Clan

7:37 tf thats me
Comment from : SAF RAZAQYT

Jeremy Snyder
I play on ps4 and this hurts me
Comment from : Jeremy Snyder

Your so bad
Comment from : Klznx

Andrej Radovanovic
I plan on controler and im pro god in naintin
Comment from : Andrej Radovanovic

the Reaper
He was playing on Xbox first look at the build button
Comment from : the Reaper

UnderworldMafia Gaming
you didnt sub so yur mom gay
Comment from : UnderworldMafia Gaming

cat_sturislav 09
Hej min man din tröja ärr på svenska lika om du är svensk viking lol
Comment from : cat_sturislav 09

Im cat😻
Comment from : Oscar

I love you🙂
Comment from : Oscar

s1mple name
Did some one saw that at 2:57 he was using a Xbox controller
Comment from : s1mple name

patel altaf
3:13 bruh he spamming r2 not l2
Comment from : patel altaf

Mate my man said PS4 controller with a B button what?
Comment from : RYAN NxOOR

Ricky Prather
He has makeup on
Comment from : Ricky Prather

SC Ghosty
Why were you on xbox at the start then switch to ps4?
Comment from : SC Ghosty

gabgab123 almaden
Comment from : gabgab123 almaden

GamerBOII _ty567
That is not how to play on the controller stupid
Comment from : GamerBOII _ty567

Ser Burritos9
00:20 este Cipflix
Comment from : Ser Burritos9

rig is fresh and bionic is lazerbeam
Comment from : Caleb ASHTON

Luca Zanoni
What s your keyboard
Comment from : Luca Zanoni

Ur mom is gay
Comment from : OWNER- GGB

xd adil
To be honest he's better than ali a the bot
Comment from : xd adil

Pls don’t subscribe to Me
That’s mean mum gay!!!
Comment from : Pls don’t subscribe to Me

Pls don’t subscribe to Me
Subscribe to me or you mum gay
Comment from : Pls don’t subscribe to Me

Lucky FN
Bionic hits him with a pistol doesn't crack sheild hes one hes one
Comment from : Lucky FN

A Little Story
Bro im not going to subscribe cos i want my mom to be gayyyy.
Comment from : A Little Story

What’s your fav gun?
Comment from : Kareyzo

Did Somebody see the Best Buy bag instead of a Walmart bag?
Comment from : S1mplyXD

Abdulqader Alkanderi
Comment from : Abdulqader Alkanderi

Bike Race Multiplayer And Single Player
He was on pc now he’s a CONTROLLA PLAYA
Comment from : Bike Race Multiplayer And Single Player

I use same binds but my cone is Q
Comment from : Jaylen

FrozenHan Meme
At 3:00 he is on a xbox controller but at 3:05 he is on a PS4 controller
Comment from : FrozenHan Meme

VeNoM-_- Amir
F... YOU..
Comment from : VeNoM-_- Amir

fortnite man100
i play on ps4
Comment from : fortnite man100

fortnite man100
i play fortnite
Comment from : fortnite man100

king gamer 967
Comment from : king gamer 967

I hate you my moms a lesbian you bitch
Comment from : Formula

Kilian roblox
that is not a lambo LAMO go be 3,000,000 dollars
Comment from : Kilian roblox

Team Reacct
PS4 is trash
Comment from : Team Reacct

Omg what the fuck am i watching
Comment from : Bomp

Dont talk about my mom bitch
Comment from : Bomp

Andreea Dodoiu
Im playing on ps4 and this is painful to whach
Comment from : Andreea Dodoiu

sneaky ninja
yay now your just like me playing xbox
Comment from : sneaky ninja

Bro who holds a controller like that in the intro
Comment from : Junnyツ

Rip_ Fearless
Lol he said omg he is such a god

“Then kills the guy like 3 times

Comment from : Rip_ Fearless

Yo can I please 1v1 you
Comment from : YungF

Walter Amos
I suck at fortnite on ps4 I'm comfortable playing on Nintendo switch
Comment from : Walter Amos

I don’t think you had aim assist on for half the time lol
Comment from : Dark_Galaxy

Jasur Sharipov
no mom jokes
Comment from : Jasur Sharipov

Greasy with a Z
When you say that your switching to controller for only a day but it clearly wasnt just a day
Comment from : Greasy with a Z

Maddie Mulvey
I play on ps4
Comment from : Maddie Mulvey

Adam Vadney
3:12 he’s not lt spamming it’s so obvious I mean he’s using rt not lt it’s kinda funny he wants us to believe that
Comment from : Adam Vadney

Courtney Johnson
Comment from : Courtney Johnson

Sam Bagley
Bionic I got 2kills OHhHHHHhHH
Me omg I got 20kills and a win let's go boys

Comment from : Sam Bagley

Why does it have Xbox buttons
Comment from : UserDude-_-

Jakub Havrda
Ou i kill you easy 4:36
Comment from : Jakub Havrda

Lyk Kanell
At 5:27 he do a kill through the wall
Comment from : Lyk Kanell

dane magloire
Epic gamers play my

Comment from : dane magloire

Millie Rainey
Comment from : Millie Rainey

Mandi Palmer
You can here is keyboard
Comment from : Mandi Palmer

i pro tiano e babo
MK on pad no pc on Ps4 😂😂
Comment from : i pro tiano e babo

Nicktheboi !!!
At the beginning of starting controller his ps4 controller on his monitor showed up as a Xbox buttons
Comment from : Nicktheboi !!!

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