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Pradeep Chauhan
Very long for senior citizens to follow
Comment from : Pradeep Chauhan

Efren M
very informative. liked, subscribed
Comment from : Efren M

Yep its fine.

But there is no way in hell, the american gov would give you encryption, they could not break. Just be aware, that its very likely all encryption, can be got past by places like nsa, or gchq.

There is no way the gov agencies, would give you a tech like encryption(the nsa would have the best people), for you to hide stuff.

So just be aware, that although the public will never get past these things, do not be sure, that the american gov cannot. You can be sure, they never give techs to the public, for the public to be able to have secrets.

The net was given to you by the same people whom watch everywhere and everyone. Remember this.

Personally i believe the nsa, can get past these encryptions, otherwise the people running our society would not of given this tech to the public.

Yep, last pass is good for others stealing your passwords, but never assume the gov, like nsa, or gchq does not have ways round encryption. You have to always assume, the gov agencies, can break all these things, otherwise they would never of given them to you.

Anything done on the net should be viewed, as insecure, but of course encryption should stop most public people hacking what ever. But you should not assume, if the gov wants your passwords, they cannot get them if they want them.

They gave these techs to teh people, and you can be sure, the people at nsa are the best at encryption, and these people will only ever give techs to the public, they can get past.

Yep last pass, is probably highly secure, but i would never assume its secure, from nsa, or gchq or russian, or chinese agencies, or who ever or what ever country your living in. Yep encryption will make it harder for gov agencies, but if they really want what you have, they have ways to get it, you can be sure on that.

You should only ever assume, these services like last pass, only protect you from hackers in the public domain. If gov from the big countries want your details, they will get them, no matter how well you think you can hide them.

Comment from : andyhello23

13:35 non-trivial? right click, inspect element, delete type=password from the input. very trivial
Comment from : Farzher

Andrei Hotea
like....f**k this app!!!!!i tried to change my pass in some website's that I use and ''Lastpass'' just completley f**kt my password's
I tried to edit my profile in Lastpass but nothing workt
aftre i chanded my pass with lastpass''Autofill'' it workt for a couple of tries but in my wault on my profile the email address and pass was wrong... and when i tried to check why it shows my old pass and wrong email it just completly lockt me out from some websites it still works good with google but be carefull with this app
i know is a bad idea to use the same pass on multiple sites or to use browser to save passwords and I wated to try a password manager but I think I'm just going to save my pass in the browser

Comment from : Andrei Hotea

I'm surprised you botched the price of Last Pass in 2017. It's free features are fine for most users but the premium version is now $24 (but sometimes goes on sale through the Humble Store and other discount sites). I pay for the premium version of LP only because I like Yubi Key devices. But when I look at what's happening at the UI level of the Yubi Key prompt in your browser, it's clear that it would be trivially easy for a dedicated attacker with malware coding skills to covertly "trust this browser for 30 days".
Comment from : vctjkhme

And Star
So they say they can’t see our info —- says the company who holds the software servers
Comment from : And Star

Charles Bingham
I currently use Dropbox with KeePass*. It's free and works on just about every device except Raspberry Pi officially. I haven't tried this hack for the Pi but it is said to work: raspi.tv/2013/how-to-use-dropbox-with-raspberry-pi
Comment from : Charles Bingham

what are your thoughts on 1Password? i used it since LastPass was hacked and personally find it much better.
Comment from : marksie1988

Hi, i made a LP account on my pc with ext and installed the apk on my phone but i have maybe 50 saved passwords on my browser so how do i export them over? I tried but failed
Comment from : Typey1

great video :D
Comment from : Y.V.

What if I want to use a computer that's not mine? Like at a library but I want to sign into Facebook
Comment from : MrDownWithTheSouth

What if LastPass shuts down then what?
Comment from : MrDownWithTheSouth

Maxim Delaet
Finally a decent security expert talking about password managers and the real advantages of Lastpass! I also love the way they handle things, the fact that they are able to keep your master password AND your decryption key for yourself. The only issue I'm still facing is, when you keep your vault open there should be some place where the decryption key is temporarely stored. I guess that's on the hard drive or maybe the RAM, I want to know the details as I still see this as a possible security issue (think about it, the encrypted passwords and decryption key could be stored on the same physical medium, that's almost as insecure as keeping it plain text). I know that there are almost no ways around it but I think there are some solutions for it, with the most decent one being any form of multiple FA :)
Comment from : Maxim Delaet

Anna Logan Riversby, Online Arbitrage
LastPass...totally useless as none of my VAs can login. Customer Support for Premium user dredful. Been with them for almost 1 year, so should know. Tried our best but cannot recomend it. Stay away from this software
Comment from : Anna Logan Riversby, Online Arbitrage

SP Mindra
Some really good reviews here. I especially liked the comment and response below as it was impartial:

4 weeks ago
Honestly? Something still tells me that storing ALL of your most sensitive data in just one place (centralization) is a bad idea. Even though they are encrypted etc. It just takes one-time vulnerability of the LastPass itself or other way of hackers obtaining your master key and you're literally f.cked.
3 weeks ago
Use multi-factor authentication for your master password to increase security.
Saying that, I understand where you're coming from.

The concept reminds me of the password technology being used within blockchain, cryptography and cryptocurrency models.

See example here: blockchain.info/

ItzDanDan wrote 4 months ago:

"I would never EVER use lastpass. That shit is bait for hackers..."

I have seen some blockchain accounts compromised. All were as a result of not taking the technology and protocol seriously.

Nice Review.

Thank you, Lawrence Systems.

Kindest regards,


Comment from : SP Mindra

Duo Terre
@10:30 good lead
Comment from : Duo Terre

Honestly? Something still tells me that storing ALL of your most sensitive data in just one place (centralization) is a bad idea. Even though they are encrypted etc. It just takes one-time vulnerability of the LastPass itself or other way of hackers obtaining your master key and you're literally f.cked.
Comment from : oDJOldskull

One of the other nice things about Lastpass is that you can configure it to use Google Authenticate. Your mobile device will get a six digit code that is only good for 60 seconds, sort of like a RSA key fob for extra security. So you not only have to know the master password for Lastpass, but you also have to have your mobile device with you to get that code.
Comment from : spamvigilante

Thanks for the video; question: can I set up a google autenticator in order to protect My masterpassword even more?
Comment from : rudysr22

Pieter van Duijn
Hello Thomas. Does LastPass also with Microsoft Edge?
Comment from : Pieter van Duijn

Joe Coates
I've always wanted to know this and nobody ever says. How come some websites have logo's in color and others dont have any? How can you change that or put a favicon in it? Thank You
Comment from : Joe Coates

Drink every time he says password
Comment from : Error

Rose Mayhew
Slow start Lawrence, but great explanations once you got to the substance. Recommend you tighten up your intro.
Comment from : Rose Mayhew

a password lenght of 30 is good enough right?
Comment from : Vurnality

Ralph Worley
Thanks, that's helpful.
Comment from : Ralph Worley

Ralph Worley
What about those sites that require a password change every 6 mo and the same password is not allowed to be used?
Comment from : Ralph Worley

Ryan Edgemon
Subbed! 😃
Comment from : Ryan Edgemon

Mikkel Storm Jensen
Very comprehensive and good presentation. Thanks for the effort
Comment from : Mikkel Storm Jensen

Beaches south of L.A.
You know Larry I'm the first guy to complain when a products video has cheesy music, no dialogue or narrative description. I especially can't stand mime instructional videos or ones with a mouse jumping all around pointing at things so fast there's no time to read whatever it is they're pointing which BTW makes no difference as its too tiny and blurry to read even if there were more time. blah blah blah
I could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point.
But you sir are a master at the instructional. This is one of the most comprehensive videos I've ever seen.
However, all that being said, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, Jesus h effing Christ you take FORRR EVVVERRR get to the point and you just go on and on and on and on. I didn't think you'd ever shut up nor that this video would ever end. In fact I still don't know if it ever drew to a conclusion. I couldn't take it and bailed out when you said, "now let's look at the sharing..." that's when I knew if I didn't leave right then and there I might get trapped in your never ending blathering for ever .

Comment from : Beaches south of L.A.

what operating system r u using
Comment from : Mamba

I would never EVER use lastpass. That shit is bait for hackers.
Comment from : Danimal

ulas o
Thanks for telling me your password is"ParticularlyLong" . Submit. :P
Comment from : ulas o

Michał Dybczak
Why your LastPass UI looks so different then mine? Is it because of premium version or am I missing something?
Comment from : Michał Dybczak

After searching online for the best tutorial on Lastpass, this is the best video on the subject! Great job!
Comment from : Warwagon

Levee Cunningham
Comment from : Levee Cunningham

Bart Kuipers
Saving passwords in the browser is bad indeed, but what about cookies/sessions for websites? Many websites offer to 'remember me'. Is it bad to use that as well? I think so right? As it keeps you logged in? But does LastPass make it easy to auto login for websites and auto signout as well? Kinda curious how the whole cookies/sessions thing works with this. Does anyone know?
Comment from : Bart Kuipers

Is there a way to dump all logins/passwords to a file?
Comment from : kfmfe04

love the idea of last pass but what if you are on a mobile device or another computer
Comment from : Balla21

now $24 per year
Comment from : pez

Nice review, would like to see higher res so I can read the print easier.
Comment from : 4score1957

Dale Miracle
+Lawrence Systems / PC Pickup I like how it supports local address's. I have Webmin, Plex and Unifi running on my Debian box. When I use the Chrome bookmarks I have for each one. LastPass will automatically give me a list of sites that match that ip address. It works great!
One thing you didn't mention is the secure notes feature. It is very handy. You can create free form notes. It also has premade forms. They are similar to the forms you mentioned in the video. The difference is they are not used for website form filling. They have templates for Wifi, credit card information, addresses, membership card info, software product codes, etc.

Comment from : Dale Miracle

Dale Miracle
Great video. I have been a premium LastPass user for over 5 years. I also use it with two factor auth with Google Authenticator.
Comment from : Dale Miracle

Great review. Any issues with various Linux, BSD distros? Thanks.
Comment from : SyberPrepper

Alex Ahlgreen Westergaard
When I develop website, I require a minimum of 12 chars, minimum 1 lower + capital letter and minimum 1 number and a minimum of 1 special char. In some instances I require a user-generated salt for the password, in others I use a basic salt.

All depends on what the user enters into and what information is stored.

Comment from : Alex Ahlgreen Westergaard

Josh Cooper
Tom, I see over there, your score is only 65%, Go run it, It will give you ways to improve your score.
Comment from : Josh Cooper

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