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Comments montezuma mobile game - rediscovergreeneville.com

Rithul Raj
Hi friends,
Here is the link of my first app please install it and let me know your valuable feedback

Comment from : Rithul Raj

Spandan Khosla

I'm using the latest version of android studio. I want to add a map fragment to a screen which had images and text already. Use AppComptActivty only as it already extends FragmentActivity, otherwise your images won't display. Also, declare the vaiables v and v1 prior to using them to avoid unnecessary errors.

Great work dude, thanks for this tutorial.

Comment from : Spandan Khosla

Willy Baldeón
8:01 Hahahahaha I love that song XD
Comment from : Willy Baldeón

King ¥ Mega
Comment from : King ¥ Mega

Diego Gary
Hey ! I am having a trouble with the version 17.0.0, do you know how to fix it?

Manifest merger failed : Attribute application@appComponentFactory value=(android.support.v4.app.CoreComponentFactory) from [com.android.support:support-compat:28.0.0]

Cool video btw!

Comment from : Diego Gary

Subanindro Subanindro
like super your tutorial
Comment from : Subanindro Subanindro

Marius Radu
Bro give us the code
Comment from : Marius Radu

sai krishna u.v.
Wow u knew that viral music in 2018 itself :P Nicly illustrted Map codes
Comment from : sai krishna u.v.

Syyam Noor
that music @ 8:00 :p
Comment from : Syyam Noor

Hadi AL Halbouni
I get dupicated resource in string.xml and in map_api.xml
Can you help me sir?

Comment from : Hadi AL Halbouni

There is already pre-built project template available for this in android studio. Only thing is, we needed an api key to be obtained from google clouds console.
Comment from : nexgen.graphics

Abishek Venkatesh
5:57 getting an err regarding Inconvertible types android . support.v4.app. fragments to com.google.gms.maps.supportmapsfragment
Comment from : Abishek Venkatesh

Ajay Sen
Hello ! I'm creating a project , related to Google map, in which i want to work with json data and reflect the result of data to google map . So please help me , how can i do this.
Comment from : Ajay Sen

Prashanth Shetty
u are my love
Comment from : Prashanth Shetty

lucio darcon
ty man!
Comment from : lucio darcon

Thank you for this tutorial, it was the first one of of many that was simple for someone like me who lacks confidence at programming. I still need to work out how to get the current user's location instead of a fixed position so i will try that now.

An additional question, what is the Apk link for? can't you simply run it from an emulator in Android Studio? thanks

Comment from : steeshy

Hetvi patel
thank you
Comment from : Hetvi patel

Joshua Bailey
Does this work in C++?
Comment from : Joshua Bailey

shubhangi Dafal
hii..this app is installed but does not load google map and well work on Emulator any Help??
Comment from : shubhangi Dafal

iSuckyz Growtopia
I followed the steps and the build was successful. But when I launched using the Virtual Device the app crashed? Can i get help?
Comment from : iSuckyz Growtopia

really helped me a lot!! Thanks for making this video..
Comment from : ICU-Python

Gerrard Menvusa
Hey, thank you for your help, it worked great for me !
Comment from : Gerrard Menvusa

Very nice video, excellent work!
Comment from : Aneuroo

at 0:57 I can see that in your gradle you have "com.android.support:appcompat-V7:28.0.0" that is underlined in red... I have the same Issue and Gradle wont sync... what have you done ?
Comment from : Arnaud LEVEQUE

Marcos F. Molina
Thanks man.
Comment from : Marcos F. Molina

Yasir Zubair
So after everything i do everything seems to be fine .. except when i came to the JAVA coding part on MainActivity.java. After replacing "AppCompatActivity" to "FragmentActivity" .. i got errors in the following code which says "cannot resolve method onCreate (android.os.Bundle)" and "cannot resolve method setContentView(int)"
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Comment from : Yasir Zubair

Raiyan Ul Islam
Thanks :D
Comment from : Raiyan Ul Islam

Ega S
Google maps Api just 30Days?
Comment from : Ega S

gayan laknath
100% work
Comment from : gayan laknath

Passion Education Academy
thank you so much Android Coding this video is very helpful I am very thankful to you.
please send me the link of that video in which video I will fetch the current location automatically

Comment from : Passion Education Academy

Masum Billah
your app does not work
Comment from : Masum Billah

himanshu jain
Thank you very much, But can i use above mentioned Api Key?
Comment from : himanshu jain

amr hesham
the app runs for 1sec and then turn off why?
Comment from : amr hesham

sahana valli
Sir ur work Is awesome but I have a problem please solve. I have created application that is speech to text and also create firebase database with some detail I have to add this details to speech tat is voice search how to code to connect database to speech when I voice search in my application it should show in location in Google map
Comment from : sahana valli

Thế Nam Phan
Thankyou very much!
Comment from : Thế Nam Phan

Diego Meire
I was having a crash after doing this tutorial. Only when I added <uses-library android:name="org.apache.http.legacy" android:required="false"/> to the <application> tag in the manifest it started working. Great tutorial !
Comment from : Diego Meire

Piano World
Good Bro Keep it up........................
Comment from : Piano World

Kevin Ba
what is the end of the line at 3:59?
Comment from : Kevin Ba

Aqil Statra
how can i set zoom level?
Comment from : Aqil Statra

Reymart Enayon
Sir I need your help
Comment from : Reymart Enayon

Long Ly
thank you !
Comment from : Long Ly

N.J Shin
You're the BEST
Comment from : N.J Shin

xegai hadgu
very informative video, keep it up!
I have one question tho( might be a bit off the topic), i was trying to use google civic information api(finding representative by address), but I couldn't find any relevant documentation/info that can help me to get started. do you have any suggestion/recommendation( it could be video, link to documentation.... literally anything)?


Comment from : xegai hadgu

John Public
my god...does one really hav to listen to that shit awful music for 8 mins.... music video tutorials suck
Comment from : John Public

Md Firoz
Very helpful video
Comment from : Md Firoz

Serge Adrian
Dear friend using version 3.+ of android studio, these are the latest implementations

Comment from : Serge Adrian

Infinity Games
My app is crashing 😔😔
Comment from : Infinity Games

akim mizam
Thanks dude, this video help me understand how the implementation of Google Map from the basic
Comment from : akim mizam

Abdullah Kandilli
Hello this video is very helpful but there is something wrong in my phone. Everything is okey but when I opened app, map didn't load.
Comment from : Abdullah Kandilli

Krupali Raiyani
very helpful for me and i like your descryption writing style
Comment from : Krupali Raiyani

Bad video. No explanation
Comment from : itsSaint099

Jason Lee
android:value="@string/map_key"/ for this, must you do anything ? i got it as red
Comment from : Jason Lee

Danielius Sipovic
Manifest merger failed with multiple errors, see logs
Comment from : Danielius Sipovic

Ravi Singla
I cant make a method on OnMapReadyCallback
Comment from : Ravi Singla

andre neres
This api key is free?
Comment from : andre neres

Darian Pudic
Thank you so much! The best tutorial from this topic
Comment from : Darian Pudic

Harry Marcos Velasquez Cerda
Gente. Sabrán de algún tutorial que me ayude a poder obtener la longitud y latitud de un punto del google maps que yo indique? Necesito guardar eso en base de datos. Gracias por su ayuda.
Comment from : Harry Marcos Velasquez Cerda

It doesn't work for me.. There isn't that google maps module there. I even typed it manually in gradle but it doesn't recognize it.
Comment from : Mar.K

Hey man I cant make a method on OnMapReadyCallback, what do I do man?
Comment from : Doy

Esa Maulana
such a simple way to explain, i like it, here a subscribed :D
Comment from : Esa Maulana

Oorjit Chowdhary
maja aawi gyo - rachit (XD XD XD XD )
Comment from : Oorjit Chowdhary

Suraj Kandel
Why do you write that meta-data at 3:44 and that name "com.google.android.geo.API_KEY " should be same or we can write whatever we want to ?
Comment from : Suraj Kandel

Joachim Miller
In 5:04 you get the option of "implemt methods", I do not. How can I do this step manually? Android Studio says "cannot resolve symbol onMapReadyCallBack"
Comment from : Joachim Miller

Chad Carmickle
Great guide thanks a lot!

For anyone having trouble try using a emulator with Google Store on it, I had to mess around with that and updating my emulator before I could get it to work.

Comment from : Chad Carmickle

Ali Baba
how to search locations and add markers there in next video suggestion :)
Comment from : Ali Baba

C:\Users\Thanos\AndroidStudioProjects\GoogleMapDemo2\app\src\main\res\values\map_api.xml: Error: Can't determine type for tag '<String name="map_key" translatable="false">

its show this problem. I already follow the video step but emulator fail to load the maps because of above error sir.

Comment from : MyGameExP

June Mata
Please make app like taxi booking uber app sir clone latest, other clones tutorial are not working too manyerrors
Comment from : June Mata

Singh Kier
Mannnn thank you! great tutorial.
Can you became our technical consultant about our research please

Comment from : Singh Kier

Aurélien Lamouroux
Hello, great video!
I followed the tutorial as you did but when I try to build the apk, AndroidStudio tell me in the tab "Java compiler" that "error: can not find symbol variable GoogleMap".
Can you help me please?
Thank you very much to all!

Comment from : Aurélien Lamouroux

Cristiana Braga
Hi, Congrats for the video. Could you please advice how to set the zoom level in order to not have a flat map display, I would like to have as an output o globe (global world) and to scroll nicely up and down, left and right (I hope I made myself clear.) Thanks a lot for the answer.
Comment from : Cristiana Braga

Izzati Jamal
My MainActivity in tools:context=".MainActivity"> is in red. Please help me.
Comment from : Izzati Jamal

Prasanth Vinnakota
Hello, I tried it but my emulator is showing that my app is having trouble with GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES. Is there any methos to resolve it?
Comment from : Prasanth Vinnakota

M za
my android:name="com.google.android.gms.maps.SupportMapFragment" appears with red underline ... help please
Comment from : M za

Jakub J.
Cleare and simple - more people like u pls.
Comment from : Jakub J.

Misbah alam
here option is appearing by credentials instead of create credetials what to do??
Comment from : Misbah alam

Domagoj Ravlić
Thank you!
Comment from : Domagoj Ravlić

Hussain Syed
Oh man you save my life thnks alot.
Sir can you plz make a series on this topic how can create app like uber?
Not like uber but similar like car online car company uber using showing car on map.
If you can devolp similar app.
There is no demo on youtube can you plz make that one.

Comment from : Hussain Syed

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