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5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones

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Information 5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones

Title :  5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones
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Frames 5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones

Description 5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones

Comments 5 AMAZING Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020 | Customize Your Smartphone 18:9 Display or Notch Phones

Bhavesh Rai
UPDATED FRESH LIST FOR 2020 Bestest Wallpaper collection from Play Store youtu.be/Nh9whsfHdYo
Comment from : Bhavesh Rai

Himanshu Rawat
Comment from : Himanshu Rawat

Sukhman Lohatbaddi
hi everywon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
Comment from : Sukhman Lohatbaddi

Akbar Sanghar
Nice video bro
Comment from : Akbar Sanghar

May nakita akong pinaka bubung nilalang
Of course you don't understand its because i didn't use English language πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Comment from : WONDERFUL World

Abdullah Khaan
Comment from : Abdullah Khaan

Bangla MiNd
feather 4d skin
Comment from : Bangla MiNd

Rishil Patel
Bhaiya ironman or hulk ka wallpaper kaha see mil sakta he? Plz reply
Comment from : Rishil Patel

Any of these apps are virus or fake ad revenue-app.
Comment from : RadweX

Usha Rode
Hi everyun πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Usha Rode

Bhawana Dhadshi
Saxi app
Comment from : Bhawana Dhadshi

Sanjay Sonkar
Please Power Rangers wallpaper
Comment from : Sanjay Sonkar

Sunita Rani
Bhai hulk or iron man wala konsa wallpaper app hai
Comment from : Sunita Rani

andrey usta
Fuck you
Comment from : andrey usta

OPS- random numbers
My favorite part was that the title of this video was in English but my man started speaking a lot of Spanish I give my respects.
Comment from : OPS- random numbers

Maan Singh
Spiderman bahar nahi arha
Screen se

Comment from : Maan Singh

Dhruv Beotra
very bad
Comment from : Dhruv Beotra

Γƒidil HΓ£fiq
I hate hindi guy because more talk
Comment from : Γƒidil HΓ£fiq

Comment from : SUPER KING MEDIA .S.K.M

Rocket Gamer
My heart spiderman
Comment from : Rocket Gamer

Couch Potato
5:35 your phone is going places.
Comment from : Couch Potato

anecita daclag
oh no i just got an 11 second unskipable ad,

Pray for me

Comment from : anecita daclag

Anmol Singh Baghel
Bhai mane apna instagram account delete kar diya galti se hai
Plzz bata do recover kese kare
Sab youtuber chutiya bana raye hai

Comment from : Anmol Singh Baghel

Baby Akter
love u bro
Comment from : Baby Akter

Aadil Hamzah
Mera v same mob hyπŸ˜…
Comment from : Aadil Hamzah

Video is starting from 2:04

Comment from : PUBG IS FUNNY

Mohan Kumar
Wanted ipad it’s possible
Comment from : Mohan Kumar

Fendy Gaming
What app u use for that Ironman home screen wallpaper it's look amazing moving when move sxreen
Comment from : Fendy Gaming

Nice bro
Comment from : M.J.O COMADY

Saadaan Gamerz
You are subscribe beggars.guyirs as charity subscribe him so sad
Comment from : Saadaan Gamerz

Komal Singh
Superheroes wallpaper nahi aa rha hai 😩😩 play store pe
Comment from : Komal Singh

Deepak Vishwkarma
Nice video bhai
Comment from : Deepak Vishwkarma

sevenonethree houstontx
can not understand wtf you are saying
Comment from : sevenonethree houstontx

Stephen Nganga
Speak English
Comment from : Stephen Nganga

Daniel Raj
Very happy YouTubers
Comment from : Daniel Raj

future Engineer
Plss like share and subscribe my new
Channel bhai

Comment from : future Engineer

Virender Kumar
Super heroes also
Comment from : Virender Kumar

lavi Khatrii
Kaha hai link
Comment from : lavi Khatrii

Rafiq Shaikh
Comment from : Rafiq Shaikh

deepak kumar
I like yor telling expressio
Comment from : deepak kumar

Jasleen Singh
Video starts at 2:05 thanks me later
Comment from : Jasleen Singh

Gamer King Nitish
Are bhai walloop to stopped bata raha hai Nike wala setting karne se kuchh upaye nikalo
Comment from : Gamer King Nitish

Prathmesh Tendulkar
Comment from : Prathmesh Tendulkar

Gary Seven
Nice subject matter, but I found your accent to be a little to strong :-)
Comment from : Gary Seven

Roses are red
Violets are blue,
The title is english, why not you too?

Comment from : Statify

Mohamed Bitar
Fucking asshole if you put an English title then fucking speak English you moron
Comment from : Mohamed Bitar

Priyanshu Thapa
Does 3d wallpapers drains batter???
Comment from : Priyanshu Thapa

Vasanth Saniga
πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I don't like this
Comment from : Vasanth Saniga

Sanjay Thapa
Comment from : Sanjay Thapa

music laboratory Lonkar
Hii everywon🀣🀣🀣
Comment from : music laboratory Lonkar

Of your title is english u should be too 😩😀
Comment from : SWAT AleN

vs 6
Try Vulplex. Its Really Good, clean and simple.
Comment from : vs 6

God assu Op
nice vedio bro ek nambbar hai year...
Comment from : God assu Op

Aman verma Verma
Vivo v15me lock screen pe nhi lg rhi
Comment from : Aman verma Verma

uv vlog
Gajab bro jo dhund rha tha tmhre video mein mil gya
Comment from : uv vlog

Hamza Khan
bhai u another apps wallpaper try
Comment from : Hamza Khan

Bhi wo hulk and iron man wala tha wo kisme hai
Comment from : THE D CREW

Kailash Avasthi
Nice video
Comment from : Kailash Avasthi

Vinit Patel
hi avrywon
Comment from : Vinit Patel

apul jer
Pls change your title on indian.. This is unacceptable!!
Comment from : apul jer

Ishu S
Comment from : Ishu S

Your The One Of The Happy Youtuber Ive Watched!
Comment from : Kim PW / FR LEGEND

Comment from : PRATIK GAMER

Padmavathi Doppalapudi
How you made that nime wallpawr in this vedio
Comment from : Padmavathi Doppalapudi

Why almost all comments in this video look fake?
Comment from : Tiago

unknown genius
U smile nice and talk with confidence πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
Comment from : unknown genius

Meya Nathan
Bro plz give me the link of the wallpaper which you have used in 1:50 sec
Comment from : Meya Nathan

alpesn a b
Comment from : alpesn a b

Rikrik Ch Marak
were did I download 3d wallpaper
Comment from : Rikrik Ch Marak

Ruvelu Dawhuo
U talk 2much just get to the point
Comment from : Ruvelu Dawhuo

Andro Tech
Thank vi
Comment from : Andro Tech

NAZI gaming
you can also try
zedge app

Comment from : NAZI gaming

Title in English video is not
Comment from : Rodutchi

Andy Aftene
are you recording in your bathroom?
Comment from : Andy Aftene

Sanjay Sudade
Comment from : Sanjay Sudade

Brayan Gamer FX
U are a good man/YouTubers
Comment from : Brayan Gamer FX

MR. Nobody
Notch wallpaper kaha hai Bhai?
Comment from : MR. Nobody

I do not like your videos i gonaa to do dislike
Edit: Just joking yaar nice video

Comment from : BLAZZING FIRE

deep darapuria
Amoled nyc end
Comment from : deep darapuria

deep darapuria
Nyc vdo good work bro
Comment from : deep darapuria

Gopal Ingale
Comment from : Gopal Ingale

Awais Anxari
U r great bro❣️
Comment from : Awais Anxari

Ramiz Khan
Nice vdo vai
Comment from : Ramiz Khan

Ramesh Kr
Comment from : Ramesh Kr

Ramesh Kr
Mst he bhai
Comment from : Ramesh Kr

vijay deora
Best super hero wallpaper
Comment from : vijay deora

gagan chhabra
Great video, you can find latest free parallax wallpaper android app here : play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xyz.zplus.wall
Comment from : gagan chhabra

Dinesh Verma
Tell how to calculate data
Comment from : Dinesh Verma

Fauziya Khan
Bhai jab app close kare to wallpaper chala jata hai
Comment from : Fauziya Khan

Hy every on -_-
Comment from : Skillerッ

1.5k subscriber without any video challange
500 ki range me gadgets btao
Comment from : 1.5k subscriber without any video challange

Deepak Pal
Comment from : Deepak Pal

Deepak Pal
Comment from : Deepak Pal

Rajnish Love
Bhai ye 3d vala lg to jata h lskon aa OK optimism kr km ht jata h
Comment from : Rajnish Love

Subscribe karwaane ka tareeka Tech Burner se seekha.....right.?πŸ˜‰
Well nyc video bro....😊

Comment from : MATRiX

Sheera Barnala
Pokemon wallpapers app bato bro
Comment from : Sheera Barnala

apke shubh chintak

Issese acha everybund bol deta chu...ti...ya.....

Comment from : apke shubh chintak

viraj Ghate
How customised phone 18:9 display
Comment from : viraj Ghate

Loves the Wallop app, I got the nike logo it looks sick with my launcher!!
Comment from : PopulationMusic

Hey You
Happiest youtuber ever πŸ˜…πŸ™‹πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Comment from : Hey You

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